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If you’ve completed one—or more—of these added sugar detoxes with me in the past, you know how rewarding it can be! (And how each detox is easier than the last.) If this is your first time doing any sort of sugar detox, I’m thrilled you’re taking on the challenge! Either way, you can reap the benefits of removing added sugar from your diet for a week.

The detox itself is seven days, but this program is about a week and a half long to include your preparation for the detox and your transition back to normal routine after it. You’ll gain a better understanding of the foods and drinks you’re choosing as fuel for your body and become more aware of the ingredients in them. You’re sure to be surprised by how much added sugar you’re consuming on a daily basis, and you’ll begin to appreciate the taste of natural sugars so much more. The goal is for you to finish the detox with a new understanding of the added sugars in your diet, and for your tastebuds to evolve so that you crave less sugary processed foods :)

Recipes are all gluten-free and dairy-free with an option for grain-free :) I encourage you to use whatever proteins you'd like, especially if you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet.

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Customer Reviews

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Carly Rushford
Love the physical copy!!!!

I had printed out my own version already, but my husband got so tired of all the pages fluttering around our kitchen counters haha. SO nice to have the physical copy in one, beautifully photographed book. Will use for years to come!

Anna M.
Highly Recommend!

Doing this detox was a challenge, but the recipes are delicious and accessible. I feel so much more confident incorporating sugar free meals in my diet regularly after completing it. My skin has cleared up and I feel more healthy and energized. I have a sweet tooth and love my desserts, but I will definitely be incorporating the 7 day added sugar detox into my routine a few times a year to get a needed reset on my diet.

Love This!

A very simple approach to being mindful of what you’re eating. Some great recipes and a good reference guide anytime you’re looking to give your health a boost with no added sugars!

Amazing and easy to use

This guide is so easy to use! Rachael does an incredible job of explaining the science and nutrition behind the detox. It is not easy to do, but Rachael makes the shopping list and recipes fun and accessible.

Josie Bauer

I actually never received a hard copy of the booklet- just the download.