7-Day Added Sugar Detox Ebook

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My best-selling nutrition-focused ebook-- As a Registered Dietitian, it was important for me to create this 7-Day Added Sugar Detox to show others that eating healthy can be so enjoyable. It isn’t about denying yourself of what you love. It’s about becoming aware of how you’re fueling your body. 22 delicious recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks/treats) included for the entire week, a full shopping list, tips when ordering out, how to detect sneaky sugars, a private Facebook group for support, the list goes on! Come join me and others for one of the best challenges you can do for your body!

Benefits include:

  • decreased sugar cravings
  • better sleep
  • reduced brain fog
  • more energy
  • better and brighter skin

This is a digital download that will be sent straight to your email (check spam or 'promotions' folder in gmail if you don't receive right away). 50+ pages of content!

Customer Reviews

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Realistic & Effective

I’ve never been one to detox or diet, however when I realized just HOW much added sugars there are in food products nowadays, I was shocked & knew that I needed to pay more attention to nutrition labels & to what I was consuming.
7- days sounded like the perfect amount of time to challenge myself, but not overly ambitious.
The first time I tried the detox, it was so much harder than I thought! But now have gotten through it 4+ times now (I aim for every 1st week of the month) & I can genuinely advocate for everyone to try this!

Less fatigue, no more mid- day crashes, taste buds are way more sensitive & my skin appears more plump & hydrated! All recipes so far have been great. Wins all around, highly recommend!

Chelsea Michelle Heuvel
Definitely worked!

To start off, I eat healthy and try my best to eat whole/real food but also live a balanced lifestyle with added sugar…so with that said, I didn’t think 7 days would be too difficult. Wow was I wrong! Day 3 and my headache was so bad I caved and had an extra couple servings of whole fruits/naturally sweetened dessert. In a matter of 10 minutes I no longer had a headache (that I had had all day! Even after taking Advil). So yes long story short, this detox definitely does it’s job! Buuut Rachael has so much to offer the fitness world, in my honest opinion her workout guides are more worth the hype.

The only reset/detox you need!

Just wow!
I have such a sweet tooth but can totally feel my body quickly become imbalanced when I consume too much of it. I absolutely love doing this mini “detox” if you will. I don’t believe in huge juice cleanses or anything, I believe in supporting your body with real foods which is exactly what this detox does! I feel so much lighter after doing it and the recipes don’t leave you feeling hungry or deprived at all!! Unlike some cleanses or detoxes, I feel like the recipes in this are so accessible as well, and can truly leave an entire family feeling full and satisfied. Highly recommend!!

Best reset!

Couldn’t ask for a better reset. The best part is it’s so manageable, from the length of time to having a great variety of options for meals! Love doing this

Amazing and Educational Guide

I love this guide! It’s an amazing way to grow your awareness of how much sugar you consume on a daily basis, and the recipes are delicious.