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After 6 months of getting creative with at-home workouts, I was inspired to create a program you would feel confident in doing at home that would push you to be the strongest and happiest version of yourself! I've never been more proud of a program or ebook before-- I know you will love GOOD // SWEAT At-Home! A Six-Week Training Guide + Nutrition Breakdown and everything you need to get the BEST workouts and to feel 100% from the comfort of home-- no gym or crazy equipment needed.

What you'll receive in this PDF ebook:
- 30 brand new workouts
- step-by-step workouts with photo and video demo of each exercise
- workouts using only two weights and a chair/bench
- video guides to upper and lower body stretch routines
- weekly CHALLENGE workouts to push yourself and spice things up
- complete nutrition breakdown from a registered dietitian (that's me!)
- what to eat pre- and post-workout
- weekly goal printouts to keep yourself accountable
- access to a private Facebook community to help you stay motivated and supported, including chats from me & LIVE workouts straight from the guide. These Lives are also saved to the page so you can reference forever
- 95 pages of content!

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

I love it best real work out I've done thankful to find Rachael. She's such a blessing to teach different work outs and food. Love the day 1 week 1 work out the most thank you!

Best Guide

I’ve tried many guides and Rachael’s is the only one that my body responds to. I’ve never felt stronger and look so forward to these workouts! As a former cardio junkie, I love the sweat I break. I walk away feeling energized. I’m a fan forever and will be purchasing her future guides!

My own personal trainer!

I really appreciate the Facebook group where you can access the video versions of the workouts. There is a video for every day 1-4 workout in the guide. I feel like I push myself so much harder having Rachael motivating me and telling me not to quit in the video! Get such a good sweat from the workouts.

Love it!

I love that you’ve already recorded many of the workouts on the guide so I can follow along and feel like I have my own personal trainer! Feeling stronger everyday.

The support I needed to feel comfortable exercising from home!

The good-sweat at home guide has been a game changer for me! I feel much more confident in knowing what type of sets I should be doing and MUCH better about my form while doing them. I’m really glad I finally purchased this guide! 🙂