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GOOD // SWEAT STRENGTH – just in time to start the new year right. 

Build strength, gain confidence in the gym, and establish the foundation of your strength training routine with proper form and all the tips along the way from your virtual trainer. This progressive, 8-week program was designed to increase lean muscle mass week-by-week in a gym setting. This program is for all fitness levels, and will have you loving your workout routine and wanting more each week!

G//S STRENGTH is a digital download designed to get you in the best shape of your life, and includes:
- 40 strength-based progressive workouts (5 structured workouts per week: Lower Body 1, Pull Day, Rest Day, Push Day, Lower Body 2, Cardio & Core, Rest Day)
- Requires access to: squat rack, cable machine, Recreation Sweat 3-piece glute bands, Power Bands and Gym Bundle found at It can be modified without the machines using the bands, though you will get the absolute most out of the guide with all equipment listed
- Tools to set goals and track your progress
- Deep dive on gym equipment (Tutorial videos on a squat rack and cable machine) and gym etiquette 
- Video library to demonstrate form and best practice for every move throughout the program
- Nutrition information to support muscle growth 
- Access to a community of thousands of like-minded members (link on the resources page inside your ebook)

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Best workout program!! Epic

This work out program was the best! I loved every week and loved documenting my progress! I just restarted it and am still obsessed!


Can’t say enough good things about this guide. It got me back in a gym setting which I was craving and gave me the weekly routine of workouts I needed. I was looking for a strength routine that would build, and this was it. I loved the organization and structure of the weekly schedule and specific body targets. If you want to feel strong and empowered, this is for you!

Lacks Variety

I am not usually one to write reviews for products but I felt compelled to write review for this gym guide. This is my first guide I’ve ever purchased. I’ve waited forever for RGE to make a gym guide. But sadly I am disappointed in the product simply because this workout could be done at home. There is hardly any variety in the movements mainly in circuits one and two on lower body, push and pull days. I am no beginner in the gym and I felt as though this workout was meant for beginners. Majority of the time I finish under the recommended time or close to the mark of minimum time spent completing the exercises. I feel as though there should be more than 4/5 movements in the first 2 circuits. However I will say I did push myself and became a lot stronger. I managed to work up to 50lb dumbbells' press! If you are beginner in the gym, this is the workout for you! If you are more advanced like myself I would pass. 


I just finished my 8 weeks and could not be happier. I'm 41, have been strength training for 20 years, and absolutely plan to repeat this guide. I loved the format of the workouts and the gradual changes that kept my body happy and kept me from getting bored. I feel leaner, stronger, and not over-trained. Rest days are important and I love that Rachael encourages them. I completed the whole program at home without a cable machine and was able to modify just fine, so don't let that hold you back if you're in the same situation. The guide itself is beautiful, well laid out, and easy to follow.

10/10 amazing!!!!

This guide has been the best strength program I have followed! I’ve had so much more energy since starting it 8 weeks ago and I kinda feel a little lost without it!!
It’s been the perfect mix of strength and cardio while keeping the compound lifts the focus but still mixing in cardio and core throughout each lift. I have felt more strength in my hips and shoulders and when I used to have constant pain and nags there from training, this guide strengthened the smaller muscles but also the large muscles throughout my body.
I feel more confident, leaner, fit and happier coming out of this guide! It’s so nice to have structure to my workouts while continuing getting stronger and tracking the same movements with heavier weights.

I plan to take a small break but then honestly start the guide over to see how much progress I’ve made - thank you thank you Rachael this is GOLDDDD!