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After 6 months of getting creative with at-home workouts, I was inspired to create a program you would feel confident in doing at home that would push you to be the strongest and happiest version of yourself! I've never been more proud of a program or ebook before-- I know you will love GOOD // SWEAT At-Home! A Six-Week Training Guide + Nutrition Breakdown and everything you need to get the BEST workouts and to feel 100% from the comfort of home-- no gym or crazy equipment needed.

What you'll receive in this PDF ebook:
- 30 brand new workouts
- step-by-step workouts with photo and video demo of each exercise
- workouts using only two weights and a chair/bench
- video guides to upper and lower body stretch routines
- weekly CHALLENGE workouts to push yourself and spice things up
- complete nutrition breakdown from a registered dietitian (that's me!)
- what to eat pre- and post-workout
- weekly goal printouts to keep yourself accountable
- access to a private Facebook community to help you stay motivated and supported, including chats from me & LIVE workouts straight from the guide. These Lives are also saved to the page so you can reference forever
- 95 pages of content!

Customer Reviews

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Julia Mouchawar
Life Changing!

I absolutely am loving the Good Sweat At Home guide. It's the bright spot in my day!! Workouts are simple to follow and I always end up so sweaty at the end no matter how long they are! I love that with the guide you can go more at your own pace. I'm only on week 2 and already feeling stronger, more energetic, more motivated, and happier.

Feeling Stronger after 2 weeks

For the price of two months at the gym I have a nutrition guide, stretching guide, workout guide and more. I feel stronger and my mental health has vastly improved. So thankful I found this program.

Best purchase ever!

I've come across Rachael's IG page by chance during Quarantine and I'm really thankful for that! Her workouts are just right for what I'd been looking for! I recently purchased the Good Sweat at home six-week training guide and I'm still wondering why I didn't order it so much sooner. I highly recommend it!!

The BEST workouts

Rachael’s workouts are IT! I have got my 3 sisters and mom hooked onto GoodSweat, they love the workouts so much! After a few months of not working out, I decided to follow along one of Rachael’s recorded workouts on IG and ever since then… I’ve fallen back in love with working out. I have never felt stronger and as fit as I do now. I highly recommend to anyone!

best decision of my life!

Flashback to exactly one year ago today, I was struggling to find the motivation to workout at home. I had been following Rachael on Instagram for a long time, loving all of her recipes and workouts, and so I made the decision to buy her Good Sweat At Home Guide to help give me structure and more motivation to reach my health and fitness goals in 2021. LET ME TELL YOU best decision I have ever made!! She made me fall in love with working out at home, fall in love with circuit style training, and fall in love with burpees, yes I know! And the Facebook community is so incredible and supportive! I am so much more stronger and confident than ever before!! Thank you Rachael, and I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve in 2022!