7-Day Added Sugar Detox Ebook

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My best-selling nutrition-focused ebook-- As a Registered Dietitian, it was important for me to create this 7-Day Added Sugar Detox to show others that eating healthy can be so enjoyable. It isn’t about denying yourself of what you love. It’s about becoming aware of how you’re fueling your body. 22 delicious recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks/treats) included for the entire week, a full shopping list, tips when ordering out, how to detect sneaky sugars, a private Facebook group for support, the list goes on! Come join me and others for one of the best challenges you can do for your body!

Benefits include:

  • decreased sugar cravings
  • better sleep
  • reduced brain fog
  • more energy
  • better and brighter skin

This is a digital download that will be sent straight to your email (check spam or 'promotions' folder in gmail if you don't receive right away). 50+ pages of content!

Customer Reviews

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Jocelyn Anderson

7-Day Added Sugar Detox Ebook

Great resource

This guide book changed the way I look at labels!! I was always conscious of refined sugars, but once I started looking at the added sugar components, it shifted so many staples in my fridge and cabinets.

Only problem I had is that I’m vegetarian, and most of the recipes (mostly dinner) are animal protein based. I made some of my own substitutions (and Rachel had some in there too), but they weren’t always great. A personal problem, though, not an issue with the guide book!

Added Sugar Detox made EASY

Albeit it might sound scary to give up the sugar; but trust me when I say this guide will keep you satisfied from beginning to end. This guide goes beyond recipes and helps make you aware of what you’re fueling your body with. All your questions are answered in this easy to follow guide. My sugar cravings curbed and my new tastebuds were allowed to flourish. Healthier tastebuds for a healthier mindset. Reset your body and mind with this guide. You will thank yourself for it tenfold! Thanks Rachael!

Something you never knew you needed!

I’ve done the 7-day sugar detox a few times now and every time I’m reminded why I love doing it! It truly makes you feel so good, for me that meant less fatigued and getting better sleep. Also definitely more energy without having an afternoon sugar crash! I also loooove the recipes in here and find myself flipping to them much more often than I do the full and complete detox. The Peachy Green smoothie is my absolute favorite and you will not be disappointed with the other recipes in there too. I recommend everyone giving the 7 days a try! It feels like a lot to commit to but when I remind myself it’s only one week, I can get through it and reap the benefits of how good I feel once it’s done

What you never knew you needed!

I’ve completed the 7 day added sugar detox 4x now and I continue to see new benefits! The ebook is so helpful and gives you all the info, tips, and delicious (and easy!) recipes you need. I was a bit skeptical the first time around but WOW! The effect sugar has on the body is insane! And it’s in everyyythhing! I saw my skin improve almost instantly, slept way better, and experienced less sugar cravings in my day to day. I reread this book regularly - just finished my last 7 days and already planning the next. Thank you, Rachael!