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After 6 months of getting creative with at-home workouts, I was inspired to create a program you would feel confident in doing at home that would push you to be the strongest and happiest version of yourself! I've never been more proud of a program or ebook before-- I know you will love GOOD // SWEAT At-Home! A Six-Week Training Guide + Nutrition Breakdown and everything you need to get the BEST workouts and to feel 100% from the comfort of home-- no gym or crazy equipment needed.

What you'll receive in this PDF ebook:
- 30 brand new workouts
- step-by-step workouts with photo and video demo of each exercise
- workouts using only two weights and a chair/bench
- video guides to upper and lower body stretch routines
- weekly CHALLENGE workouts to push yourself and spice things up
- complete nutrition breakdown from a registered dietitian (that's me!)
- what to eat pre- and post-workout
- weekly goal printouts to keep yourself accountable
- access to a private Facebook community to help you stay motivated and supported, including chats from me & LIVE workouts straight from the guide. These Lives are also saved to the page so you can reference forever
- 95 pages of content!