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A collection of all 10 weeks of GOOD SWEAT workouts, plus a bonus week of CARDIO + CORE! Cardio + Core includes 5 workouts designed specifically for cardio machines that you can implement into your routine wherever you see fit: off-days from circuit training, on your active rest days, or whenever you’re feelin’ the need to sweat it out on the treadmill, elliptical or stairmaster! This 10-week guide is designed to inspire you to move, train, and grow with 4 workouts per week. It combines HIIT and circuit training with strength and compound movements to help you become stronger and build endurance, while challenging yourself and finding your fitness groove.

GOOD SWEAT is here to encourage you to exercise, treat your body right, and stay motivated in a supportive community. Working out shouldn’t be a chore. It should be something to look forward to each day to feel stronger—both mentally and physically—and more confident in your own body!!

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40 programmed workouts, 5 cardio machine-based workouts and 5 core-based circuits in GOOD SWEAT Volume One. This guide is made more for the gym, but can also be modified with equipment you have at home.

15% off included in this price when you purchase this entire collection, as opposed to week by week!

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