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Introducing GOOD SWEAT // At-Home OVERTIME & the chance to keep it going with WEEKS 07-10! So many of you have gotten through the original WEEKS 01-06 of the program and as your virtual trainer, I'm here to push you to your max! You're stronger than you think and I'm certain you'll become more confident in yourself both mentally and physically as the weeks of this program advance. This four week challenge is an extension of the first guide and will continue to be progressively more difficult each week! So if you haven't already completed GOOD SWEAT // At - Home, I highly encourage you to go back and complete WEEKS 01-06 so you can build up to the intensity of OVERTIME. Plus, don't forget that my nutrition guide lives in the original At-Home program! :)

What you’ll receive:
– 20 brand new advanced workouts
– step-by-step workouts with photo and video demo of each exercise
– workouts using only two weights and a chair/bench
– the same video guides to upper and lower body stretch routines as in Weeks 01-06
– weekly CHALLENGE workouts to push yourself and keep things spicy
– weekly goal printouts to keep yourself accountable
– access to a private Facebook community to help you stay motivated and supported, including chats from me & LIVE workouts straight from the guide!