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Good // Sweat At-Home 2.0 is HERE! Use the foundation you've built from my first 10-week At-Home program to completely transform your body, whether you're at home or have access to the gym. This 131-page 8-week fitness challenge will have you loving your workout routine and wanting more! 2.0 is a digital download designed to get you in the best shape of your life and will include:

- 40 brand new progressive workouts (5 workouts per week)
- Combination of HIIT, strength and resistance training
- The use of minimal equipment
- Bonus On-Demand follow-along workouts each week
- Goal printouts throughout your program
- Access to a community of thousands of like-minded women (link on the resources page inside your ebook)

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Ashley brant
Amazing and Motivating Program

Good Sweat 2.0 was a perfect continuation of Good Sweat 1.0. This program helps me stay motivated, accountable and feeling STRONG. I love the access we have to Rachael's lives. It is so helpful to have her doing the workout right there with you. This way I don't have to question my form or worry about keep tracking of timing in each set.

I would recommend this program to anyone at any fitness level. If you are looking for someone to be right there with you, I feel that this is the perfect program for you! With the lives and the Facebook group, there is no way to feel alone. Racheal's energy is unmatchable, and I truly idolize her. I wish there was a Good Sweat 3.0!!!

Raena Wilson
Awesome workout!

I was doing these workout with my sister until I bought my own guide and I love them! They definitely get your heart pumping. Rachel does an amazing job to make sure anyone at any skill level can do these workouts!

You Need This!

This guide was a lifesaver throughout the pandemic - I credit this to anyone asking how I was able to consistently work out at home. The guide has everything you need to be set up for success and the community is amazing. I would highly recommend any of Rachel’s workouts (home OR gym when it’s available).

The best purchase!

10/10 so happy with my purchase of this ebook! After doing Rachael’s insta workouts on and off during quarantine, I bought this guide to stay more consistent. I love that I can do every workout with a few weights and minimal equipment while my gym is closed. The best part is access to the Facebook group with so many additional live workouts so you really feel like you’re in a class or working with a live trainer. Such a good investment!

Great Investment!

I started doing Rachael's workouts during COVID, like many, and I am officially hooked! I decided to purchase the 2.0 At Home guide to have workouts always on hand and it has been a great investment. I feel much stronger and they have been a great tool to help in improving my running. I actually finished the 8 week guide this morning and am looking forward to doing it all over again. I highly recommend this because they are easy to follow, limited in equipment needed, and fun!